We Code

Flaser is one of our largest coded solution. An ERP solution which serves a niche market.


An ERP Soltion which helps to manage different activities from logistics to customer relations efficiently to enhance productivity.

Our application comes with an intutive and user friendly design which is tailored for the specific niche market.

It provides a secure and safe solution to give you a paperless solution to your bussiness process.

We also provide customizations to the existing solution.

We Design

We helps to create rich experience over different medias like print and web.


Visual design have prime importance in projecting the brand in a bettter way. We cater such needs of many clients from around the world. We provide them with solutions including branding, web templates as well as CMS customisations.

Visit our design portfolio at Pinterest or Facebook.

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We Embed

We are pioneers in NFC based solutions in Kerala. We provide NFC tags and posters.


NFC – Near Field Communication capabilities are integrated into most new generation smart-phones, and the technology will be in common use as a retailing tool in 2-3 years. We provide NFC based social media posters for Foursquare Checkins, Facebook Likes, Tweets, etc.

It enhances the social media interaction of people visiting a place in the easiest way.

Have a look at our NFC stands at Pinterest.

Checkout our NFC Social Media Stands at pinterest.

We Dent

“We’re here to put a dent in the universe. Otherwise why else even be here?” - Steve Jobs


"Nobody can do everything, but everyone can do something."

Everyone would do something to someone! We are here to embrace these somethings.